Kyoto Shop Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our second shop, Globalwheels Kyoto. We have our location decided and the shop is now up and running.

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Expanding and growing Globalwheels is something Gareth and I are excited about.

We’ve taken things slowly and organically, adding more bikes and gear gradually as the demand has grown and then moving into our Osaka shop at the start of the year to accommodate more bikes and customers.

Ian and Gareth renovating the Osaka shop.

The demand for Kyoto rentals is getting stronger and after much discussion, opening a shop there seemed like the right next step for Globalwheels.

Why Kyoto?

Kyoto is a top destination for cycling and travel and we hope having a shop there will mean our Kyoto based cyclists can rent and explore more conveniently. The local cycling population is also growing and we are excited to be a part of the Kyoto cycling community.

The Kyoto shop will allow a cyclist to pick up in one location and return at the other. This should give our cyclists more flexibility and also make the Osaka to Kyoto route (vice versa) more manageable for one day or short-term rentals.

Cycling between Osaka and Kyoto is very popular and our new shop will help cyclists on this route.

Osaka to Kyoto is a fantastic ride and being able to start and finish at either end will give people more time to explore the area, without having to worry so much about getting back by 6pm for the return.

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More routes and guides

There is still a lot to learn about the area and Gareth and I are looking forward to discovering the best routes and tips that we can share with everyone.

New cycling routes to explore in Kyoto.

There are a lot of areas to cycle and you can expect us to be publishing more Kyoto routes and guides so be sure to keep checking our blog for updates.

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We are located near Matsuo Taisha which is south of Arashiyama down the Katsura river. The shop is a short walk from Matsuo taisha station or an easy bus ride from central Kyoto stations.

We chose this area because we love the Katsura river, Arashiyama and the surrounding mountains. The cycling path on the river is outstanding and we wanted to be as close as possible so our cyclists can pick up, get fitted and then easily jump onto a stunning cycle route and start exploring.

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Shop Opening

The shop has been open since the end of September 2019. There is still some work to do to get the shop fully finished but we have bikes, keys, coffee and a couch. Come and say hi!

If you are interested in renting from our Kyoto shop please reserve on our Kyoto site.

Globalwheels Kyoto site >



  • @john eborall

    Thanks for the comment and glad our details were passed on. We mailed you today about renting from our Kyoto store, hope to hear from you soon!


  • Hi!

    I was given your details by another bike shop. was looking to rent a road bike to try and do a nice 80 – 100km ride in Kyoto (or in the surrounding area). I have pedals and the bike shoes, but not the bike or the computer for navigation. DO you rent out bikes? Looking for a sunday or Monday ride.



    john eborall

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