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Guide to Cafes in Osaka with Good Internet and Great Coffee

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Traveling has its many challenges, from languages difficulties, getting lost, committing cultural faux pas to ordering blind from the menu. As we all know, finding good places with a decent internet connection is usually high on the list for any traveler. Whether we need to catch up on work, email, keep in touch with friends and family or update our many social media profiles, wifi is one of the core needs of travelers worldwide.

This is why we made this guide. After years of searching, living in and working in Japan, we've found a few spots which have a great mix between good wifi, coffee and atmosphere. Below are our favourite cafes to visit in Osaka for a caffein and internet fix.

Saturdays New
York City


Saturdays New York City has been a favourite of Globalwheels staff for years. Situated in Minami-Senba, just north of Shinsaibashi, the location is easy to get to especially via the Mido-suji and Yotsubashi subway lines.

One thing that can turn me off a cafe is the lack of natural light, and a lot of older style Japanese cafes feel like you are sitting in a basement below sea level. It's only been in the last few years we are starting to see more and more cafes pop up in Osaka with design trying to maximise the amount of the natural light. Saturdays NYC is one such place as the light floods in from the large front windows which also double as bi-folding doors.

​ The interior design is top-class and is anchored by the large wooden bench style table which acts as the main table and seating area. The table is perfect to sit at, enjoy a coffee and importantly get online.

​ The internet connection is very good and so is the coffee. After years of cafe crawling through Osaka, I think Saturdays NYC is the best place to get a coffee and get some work done. There are other cafes which might have a better view or more comfortable sofas, but they can't match Saturdays NYC for the coffee, the wifi and the workspace.

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Brooklyn Roasting Company
Namba & Kitahama


The Kitahama was the first of the two cafes and boasts a beautiful riverside location. There is outside seating which looks out onto the river and Nakanoshima island which is nestled between Yodoyabashi and Umeda in Osaka. In terms of having a coffee on the water in Osaka, it's tough to beat it.

Inside the space and seats are limited so at times it can be busy and difficult to find a seat. In the past we also had some troubles using the wifi but this seems to be fixed recently and there is now a smooth internet connection. The seating and decor is a little bit more suited to relaxing and talking with friends than working but it's still possible to get your computer out and get some work done.

​ Brooklyn Roasting Company is serious about coffee. They roast their own beans and the espresso poured in the cafe is one of the best in Osaka. While the environment for working might not be as good as their location in Namba, the outside seating makes up for this as it offers a riverside spot to enjoy a coffee and soak up the urban lifestyle in Osaka.

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The Namba location was opened in 2018 and finally gives a top cafe option in the Minami area (Southern area of Osaka City). The space is large and offers a variety of tables and spaces to enjoy a coffee and work. The internet connection is very fast and recently it's been a favourite of Globalwheels staff to drop into, get a coffee and get online.

​ With power outlets and working benches running down the middle, this cafe is well-worth a visit if you are in the Namba area and looking for a coffee and internet fix.

As mentioned with the Kitahama location, they roast their own coffee and are serious about the coffee making process. While it does lack a little bit of natural light, it does make up for it with variety of tables / work stations, fast internet and top quality coffee.

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