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  • Why you Should Cycle Osaka City at Night

    Riding around Osaka city at night is an experience not to be missed. Read about why you should cycle the city after hours.
  • How to get to the Shimanami Kaido from Osaka: New Ferry Service (2019)

    The new ferry service from Osaka to Shikoku gives cyclists another way to get to the stunning Shimanami kaido cycling route and area. Read about the ferry route and start planning your trip now.
  • Work with Globalwheels

    We are growing and looking for new staff to join our team. Read about the details of the job and if it sounds like a good fit please get in touch.
  • Kyoto Shop Launch

    We are excited to announce we are opening a shop in Kyoto. The new shop will be open late September and we look forward to seeing you there!
  • North Kyoto Cycling Route - Rider Stories

    This rider stories post features a beautiful 40km ride through the mountains and forests in the north of Kyoto. Short on time but want to ride? This route could be for you.
  • How to take a bike on a train in Japan

    Wondering if you can take bikes on trains in Japan? The answer is yes and this post explains the different trains and how to bag up a bike.
  • Osaka to Kyoto Cycling Guide and Route

    Cycling from Osaka to Kyoto is easy while also being hugely satisfying. Read up on our route and guide and start your adventure now.
  • Osaka Harbour Cycling Guide and Route

    Experience iconic landmarks, the extensive river network and the vast harbour of Osaka on this cycling route. At 40km the ride is the perfect length to get in a workout without being out the whole day.
  • Osaka to Minoh Cycling Guide and Route

    The Osaka to Minoh cycling route is a Globalwheels classic. Read our in-depth post which includes the route, photos, description of the different sections and also points to watch.
  • Osaka Cycling Routes

    Discover our top Osaka cycling routes and spots for one-day rides. Get yourself a bike and start exploring.
  • Ride the Wakayama 800

    Looking for a new cycling adventure in 2019? The Wakayama 800 has rides to suit all and the scenery won't disappoint.
  • 2019 and Globalwheels

    Entering 2019 with Globalwheels. More blogging, new shop, new website and new experiences.