About Us


Globalwheels is passionate about cycling, Japan and exploration. The business was born out of a desire to bring the experience of cycling Japan to all. We value freedom on the road and encourage you to create your own unique adventure.

Our Story

Globalwheels was founded in 2016 in Osaka, Japan by Gareth McCready and Ian Michie. Gareth and Ian met many moons ago in 2007 and bonded over football, sports, cycling and life in Japan.

After some lengthy discussions over chicken and beer they both thought the Kansai area was lacking in quality road and touring bike rental options. The two guys love getting out and exploring Japan and wanted to help tourists and locals experience the magic of discovering hidden gems which can only be found from getting out and exploring from the saddle of a bike.

With the pair's motivation, business know-how, knowledge of cycling and around 20 years experience living in Japan, Globalwheels was born.

Evolution of Globalwheels

Globalwheels was started with four bikes, a basic website (terrible!) and renting a room from Gareth's house. As the bookings and demand increased, so did the business. Globalwheels is now in the process of renovating and getting ready its new shop which will be next to JR Sakuranomiya station.

The new location will be open for business in February 2019 and will mark the next chapter for the guys and Globalwheels.