You need to bring your shoes, clothing and ID. We will take a photocopy of your passport (or other form of ID) before you leave.

Globalwheels can supply you with a helmet, water bottles, lights, a saddle bag with spare tube, levers and pump. If you are renting for longer than one day it also helps if you do a little research on your route and also organise your accommodation in advance.

Our pricing includes the following items:

The bike
Pedals (please read bike description for details of pedals)
Bottle cages
Saddle Bag
Spare Tube
Tyre Levers
Presta Pump
Bike set-up (if you supply us with your measurements
Routes and tips and plenty of local knowledge

We can supply the following additions:

Cycle Porter Bags
Ortlieb Panniers
Garmin Edge GPS

A rental day at Globalwheels is from 9am to 6pm (weekends 8am to 6pm) on the same day, unfortunately not 24hrs. For example a two day rental would need to bring the bike back by 6pm on the second day.

We currently provide platform pedals (regular) or platform pedals with toe cages. Both are suitable for riding with regular sports shoes. We also provide Shimano SPD-SL, Shimano MTB pedals and LOOK pedals for cyclists with cleats on their cycle shoes. Alternatively, for those with a different cleat system (E.g. Time Xpresso) then feel free to bring your own pedals to ride with.

Globalwheels wants to ensure your bike is correctly fitted for your ride so when picking up the bike, we will make sure your seat height is in the best position for your height. You are also free to make some changes en-route with the supplied multi-tool.

Our shop is located very close to JR Sakuranomiya station on the Osaka loop line. Please see our contact page for the address. We do most of our pick-ups and returns from here. For pick-ups and drop-offs in other locations in Osaka please ask and we'll see if we can arrange it (fee required for delivery to other locations). We have some set times for the pick-ups (9am-10am on weekdays, 8am-10am on weekends) but if you have any special requests we will try and be as flexible as we can.

The nation-wide delivery is simple. Let us know where you are staying and if possible a contact at the hotel or accommodation. We will discuss the delivery of bikes with them and aim to have the bikes delivered the night before the rental is due to start. The bikes are delivered in a special bike postage box and you simply need to put the front wheel, back wheel and pedals back on. We will provide instructions and all tools to help you get cycling asap.
If needed, we can also offer personal delivery of the bikes in our vehicle. Please get in touch for the prices.

All payment is completed online when making a booking. If you are using our delivery service, please get in touch and we will send you an invoice with the delivery fee included.

By using Globalwheel’s hire bikes, equipment and services you accept, agree to and 'sign' Globalwheel's Deed of Aknowledgement and Waiver of Liability, and Voluntary Assumption of Risk (‘DEED’). Please read this document carefully before agreeing to the rental. The document in full can be viewed here below:

View Deed >

All Globalwheels rentals are covered by third party insurance.

If you are unlucky enough to scratch a car or have a collision with a pedestrian the repairs and or medical bills will be covered up to 200,000,000 yen.

One more reason to leave your bike at home and rent with Globalwheels.

Unfortunately, we can't control the weather. There will be times during your trip when it might rain however this is a part of cycling. If you experience some wet weather and would like to return the bikes early this is OK, however we cannot refund you for the missed cycling days. We kindly thank you for your understanding.

Although this is rare, we do charge for damage and loss of items.

When you return the bike we will inspect for any damage thay may have happened during your rental. We do understand things can happen as part of wear and tear but for certain damage we will charge an additional fee.
We also charge additional fees for loss of items, please see the fees below:

– Lights 1,500 yen
– Tubes 1,000 yen
– Water bottles 1,500 yen
– Pumps 1,500 yen
– Levers 500 yen
– Porter bags 5,000 yen
– Helmets 1,500 yen
– Damaged bar tape 3,000 yen

If extra charges need to be made, they will be charged at the time of the return. They can be paid in cash, via PayPal or with a card.

If you cancel your rental by 5pm the previous day, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel after 5pm the previous day, kindly understand we charge 50% of the rental total.

If you would like to return the bikes early this is OK, however we cannot refund you for the missed cycling days. We kindly thank you for your understanding.

We are happy to hold onto your luggage while you are cycling at no extra cost. Space is limited so if you would like to leave your bags with us, please let us know in advance the amount of bags / suitcases and the rough size.

Still have questions?

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